Hajj 2016 with Essential Islam

  1. 27th Aug 2016: Depart for Jeddah from London Heathrow
  2. 8th Aug 2016: Check-in at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Makkah
  3. 1st Sept 2016: Check-in at the Royal Inn al-Rawda Hotel in Madinah
  4. 8th Sept 2016: Check-in at the Sara Tower in Aziziyah
  5. 10th Sept 2016: First day of Hajj, Enter into Mina
  6. 11th Sept 2016: Second day of Hajj, spend the day in Arafah
  7. 12th Sept 2016: Third day of Hajj, after spending the night in Muzdalifah, move back to Mina
  8. 13th Sept 2016: Fourth day of Hajj, spend the day in Mina
  9. 14th Sept 2016: Fifth day of Hajj, leave Mina and head back to Aziziya
  10. 16th Sept 2016: Depart for London Heathrow from Jeddah

Hajj 2016 Itinerary

With over 2 million pilgrims expected for Hajj 2016, our facilitation and administration teams - after much thought and planning - have setup an itinerary that aspires to achieve seamless transition during the entire trip.

If Allah willed, our Hajj 2016 experience aims to offer a hassle-free trip that focuses on making you as comfortable as possible during the rites of Hajj, the places you will visit, the people you will meet, and the many scenarios you will encounter.

Please note that our Hajj 2016 itinerary is subject to potential change due to circumstances beyond our control; these include but are not limited to airline schedules, hotel arrangements, and the monthly Islamic calendar. In the unlikely event of any changes to this itinerary, we shall endeavour to give you as much notice as possible, Terms and Conditions apply.