Meet our Hajj Facilitators

Our Team

With over 2 million pilgrims expected for Hajj 2016, our facilitation and administration teams have been carefully assembled in order to proactively minimise and manage any potential issues that may arise.

Our Hajj Facilitators will play a key role during your Hajj - offering total guidance and support during each stage of the Hajj 2016 experience. Our combined expertise will ensure that we help revive many long lost secrets, and provide an invaluable insight into the wisdom of Hajj.

Our field scouts, who reside in Saudi Arabia and have lived in Makkah and Madinah, will precede the facilitation team during each stage of the Hajj 2016 experience, thus ensuring a smooth transition as we move from place to place during Hajj 2016.

We will also have two senior doctors travelling with us, who are tasked with overlooking your physical well-being. They will be on-hand for any consultancy, and during any minor and major emergencies.

Together, we aim to insha'Allah help prepare the pilgrim for the 'Journey of a Lifetime'.